Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Finding the right teaching tools!

To ensure that we are teaching the correct principles and strategies for problem solving our team meet regularly to plan together. Part of making sure we are offering our best practice to our students is ensuring that we are providing quality problem solving questions for our mixed ability groups. Recently we have started to look at rich tasks that have already been developed so that we spend more time on a quality delivery than spending time making up questions. Two places that we have found very useful for resource hunting are NZ Maths and the Figure it Out books. There are incredibly rich tasks that allow for growth and deepening thinking.

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  1. Hi Paula,

    Your post has really made me think about where I am putting most of my time and energy in preparing maths lessons for my students. I really like how you are focusing on quality delivery, while using learning tasks which are already available to us. On reflection, I often put energy into trying to invent/ reinvent learning tasks, where I would be better spending this time thinking about how I am going to deliver the learning.