Monday, 24 July 2017

Student wellbeing survey

We recently invited our students to participate in a well being survey. There was the odd comment that challenges your own perspective of what is happening on a daily basis. There are also other comments that let you know you are doing something right!
Part of my inquiry into student achievement is ensuring that students feel safe and welcome at school. Research does say that this is important for learning have greater success. I would like to share a couple of comments (in all truth there were many) that are prove our kids are happy. Step one TICK!
  • I am happy to be at this school because I feel welcomed and I am thankful for the parents and teachers
  • that help me and other kids at this school.
  • feel so welcome to this school with my friends or my family members.
  • this school is alright
  • I love this school I^m so happy to be here I get alot of respect :3
  • This school is very good and healthy and it supports me ~in my learning.
  • I like my school because teachers and students make me welcome.
  • I like this school because it makes me safe and sound just like at home

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