Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Dan Meyer Amerian Maths Guru - Forward thinker...

Through a discussion with Sue Pine our maths facilitator this year, I was introduced to Dan Meyer an american maths teacher. He is very forward thinking and his design for maths delivery works well with our Manaiakalani philosophy. Firstly have a look at him speaking at a TED TALKS in regard to the changes needed in maths teaching and learning.

After watching this talk I was keen to investigate further. Our school is currently working on upskilling in the area of mixed ability problem solving as our approach to enhancing student achievement. What I liked about Dan is that he doesn’t just use text word problems with his students he uses maths problem solving movies. The movies have the problem in them and through the delivery as a movie not words on a page he heightens student interest.

I’m keen to begin testing these in class and see what our students think. Here is an example of a problem solving movie. I have also attached the link to a wider range of movie resources if you are keen to have a look for yourself. The videos come with very thorough planning and pre designed questions for the lesson. It's a great example of where our teaching needs to be headed.

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