Monday, 27 February 2017

Thoughts out loud!

In consultation with my leadership team and blended in with my personal interests, my inquiry for 2017 is exciting. While I can read the facts in our data and the data from Woolf Fisher, it identified the same needs, however, it's still only data right now. I have decided that before I make any firm decisions on exactly where this inquiry is taking me and our learners, I felt some wider information is required. I have identified a large number of research documentation that I will read and mull over while I work towards having a bigger picture of who our tamariki are as individuals, some relevant historical data and theories for success! Knowing I am not an expert, I mean, who actually is, I want to complete these wider readings to help me grasp my inquiry more clearly in the context of reality. These two documents have been an interesting place to start.

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