Monday, 27 February 2017

The adventure begins

Being new to Manaikalani, 1:1 chromebooks, first time blogging, Google sites, planning in Google and having it visible and rewindable we have a lot to learn. I am grateful for my incredibly motivated and talented team.
Our journey started and Week 1 when we rolled out Chromebooks. Three weeks later we have 90% of our students on their OWN device.  And in week 2 we started our planning on our sites, and I can tell you it is impressive. While we all realised there was no expectation of having our digital world this far advanced this quick, we were willing and most definitely able.

This is what has made a huge difference for us! Previously we would plan and share the documents with our team leaders. This photo is us sharing our planning with each other. This includes the successes, failures, the 'how to' and most importantly WHAT'S WORKING FOR OUR TAMARIKI.

It is this openness that I feel will be at the centre of my learning inquiry. It has started in my team and I fully expect to reap the benefits with my team and my students.


  1. Kia ora Paula,
    Thanks for sharing your learning through your blog. It's great to hear that Glen Taylor school teachers and learners are embracing 1-1 learning together. Awesome that you are sharing your planning and what is working best for your tamariki. Remember I am available anytime in my Manaiakalani Online Facilitation role to support you with anything you may need help with including site set up and your teaching as inquiry focus. Look forward to following your journey.
    Ngā mihi

  2. It is such a pleasure to see your team coming to grips with this huge disruption so quickly Paula. Your support and scaffolding is paying off, as is their hard work and positive attitude. Well done to all of you.